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About Us


Established in 1993, Mustafa Eisa Design (MED) is the brainchild of the talented Mustafa Eisa whose passion for design, innovation and re-invention was supplemented with formal academics in 1992 with an extensive course at the Sheffield School of Interior Design, New York. His stint at Sheffield was followed up with an intensive course in 1993 at one of the world’s leading design institute – the Parsons School of Design. Guided by the able and renowned master David Brogna, Mustafa topped his class, flew homeward and marked his debut in the world of the interiors with Mustafa Eisa Design (MED) in the autumn of 1993.

With over 21 years of design experience, Mustafa has elevated industry standards to new heights with his visionary approach. Mustafa Eisa Design stands amongst the leaders in industry through committed leadership with pioneering trends, a focus on the customer, integrated processes and an unrelenting commitment to quality.

The philosophy of MED stems from Mustafa’s ‘passion principle’, that of uncompromising quality supplemented with constant innovation and re-invention. Stamping a signature has never been MED’s style, thereby constructing paths of versatility through creative freedom. Complimenting this house philosophy is the belief that ‘superlative design should never be an excuse for impracticality in function!!

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