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MED’s core focus is interior design. Armed with an able and talented resource pool, MED’s creativity has been demonstrated though a wide range of diverse executions, both in India and overseas.

MED assigns equal importance to form and functionality whilst executing a design for spaces. Foremost on the execution is the importance assigned to vital aspects of the project’s requirements – traffic flow and patterns, adjacencies, HVAC requirements, audio visual technicalities, display hierarchies, client profile lifestyle requirements. Ubiquitous across all MED’s executions is the integration of other significant details of projects : corporate image and identity, graphic design, collateral, window dressing, landscaping, uniform design and every other aspect impacting the positive and conclusive outcome of the project. Interaction with the myriad consultants involved in the projects enables synchrony in every aspect of design detail.


MED’s experience in successful interior design has allowed it a unique approach in designing from the inside out. The unique combination of creative talent ably coupled with qualified, scientific knowledge aides MED in the ability to integrate the exteriors of a structure with the interiors thereby creating a synchrony in design and detail.

The ability to integrate is backed by infrastructure supported with Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities and spreadsheets for details such as Bills Of Quantity (BOQ) and Bar Charts. All projects (interior and / or architectural) are surveyed by an appointed team of structural consultants – if required – to assess stability and structural safeguard.


MED’s working style borders on an organized, sequential process coupled with a visionary representation. These representations provide the client with a conceptual visual of the space even before the project crew begins execution. These representations are executed by 3D imaging.

MED also supports the scale of projects (for larger executions) by undertaking complete computer generated walkthroughs in order that the client is able to comprehend the impact of the concept and design on the space,  in its entirety. Once the client has ascertained the suitability of the concept and design, the listed stages are followed:

  • Site survey and inspection
  • Presentation of layout options
  • Presentation of designs
  • Preparation of working drawings and Bills Of Quantity (B.O.Q.)
  • Appointment of contractors (by a tender process)
  • Preparation of bar charts
  • Execution
  • Site visits
  • Handover
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